Car Parking at Apple Store Sydney

Apple Store Sydney City is located at 367 George St, Sydney NSW, 2000

Being located on the corner of George and King Streets car parking is close by but at a premium. Depending on when you go, the car parking options and cheapest places change.

The store opens at 8am and closes at 8pm on weekdays and Saturday except on Thursday night they are open till 9pm. If you are going during the day on a week day most on street parking is loading zone or truck zone so you will have to find parking in a car park. There are a lot near by however being located in the centre of the city it is very expensive. The cheapest place to park (that will facilitate your Apple Store visit which usually takes over an hour) is to park around the corner at The Bowlers Club which is $25 for 2 hours. If you want to save $5 you can walk from St Andrew House which is behind Town Hall (500 metre walk).

If you are going after hours on a weekday on street parking is usually available from 7pm. Alternatively, you can park in a parking station a few blocks away for a flat evening rate of $9. Our pick is Wilson Parking Citipark  which is 350m walk.

On the weekend – best to try and park on the street which is usually pretty easy to find however if there is something on in the city – or you are planning to stay for the day or a longer period it is often cheaper to park in a car park. Parking is available at the nearby car parks at a flat rate of $9.
The cheapest  is Wilson Parking Citipark or Wilson Parking Darling Park both close by and a flat weekend all day parking rate of $9!


Happy shopping!!

Apple Store, Sydney