"Car parking hits $80 a day" in Monday’s Herald Sun in Melbourne

SKYHIGH parking fees are hitting motorists across Melbourne’s CBD, with drivers paying up to $80 a day.

But motorists can save on fees if they plan ahead.

A Public Defender survey, using data from comparison website CarParking.info, found Wilson Parking at 416 Flinders Lane was the city’s most expensive for casual all-day parking. It charged $80 for any stay over five hours on weekday

City earlybirds fare better with a maximum charge of $20. Those seeking a shorter stay are charged up to $25 an hour.

CarParking.info co-founder Gerard McLennan said the average daily rate of parking in Melbourne’s centre was increasing by $5 to $7 a year.

He urged drivers to look for alternatives. Parking further away could save

up to $8 on daily rates.

“Everyone has had this perception that the cheapest carpark they had last time would be the cheapest again,” Mr McLennan said.

“But it’s clearly evident that’s not the case.”

RACV manager roads and traffic Peter Daly said while office workers often had little choice, many shoppers were shunning the city for suburban centres where parking was free.

“They don’t know where to park and they don’t want to end their day having more in parking charges than they do in purchases,” Mr Daly said.

Wilson Parking chief executive officer Craig Smith said property values, running costs and parking demand were considered when setting fees.

“Substantial discounts on parking are there for drivers keen to save some money,” Mr Smith said.

“If customers are also prepared to walk a little further to their destination or choose to visit the city outside the Monday to Friday peak periods, they will find discounted prices.”

Secure Parking general manager Victoria/Tasmania Scott Rush said some carparks catered for a specific market such as shoppers or casual parkers.

Mr Rush said drivers should keep watch for loyalty programs and specials.

Operators also blamed the State Government’s congestion levy of $880 for increasing costs. A spokeswoman for Treasurer Kim Wells did not comment specifically on the levy, but said the state’s finances were being reviewed.

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SHORT-TERM PARKING (One hour – weekday)



Harbour Town East car park, Docklands

AVERAGE $12.35


Wilson Parking, 380 LaTrobe St


(Based on a nine hour workday – weekday, casual)


Ace Parking, 33 Meaden St

AVERAGE $47.15


Wilson Parking, 416 Flinders La

$5 Harbour Town East car park, Docklands

$9 Wilson Parking Digital Harbour, Docklands

$12 Care Park, Lonsdale St


(Special daily rate offer, weekdays)


Wilson Parking, Melbourne

Central Nth La Trobe and Ace Parking, 612 Lonsdale St

AVERAGE $14.80


Secure Parking, 11 and 121 Exhibition St and Wilson Parking, 800 Bourke St

Source: carparking.info as at Feb 10, 2011. Search based on 3000 postcode






Source: 21 February 2011, Herald-Sun