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The Cheapest & Most Expensive Car Parks in Australia

This is the exclusive report that the car parks don’t want you to see.
We expose the cheapest and most expensive car parks in Australia.

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Herald Sun – Melbourne Parking Survey February 2011

City car parking hits $80 a day

Wondering what the report actually said? Here you go…

Herald Sun – Melbourne Parking Survey 110211 revised

Daily Telegraph $142 dollars a day just to park a car in Sydney

Read the story in today’s Daily Telegraph – here is our survey.

THE cost of car commuting is being driven to absurd levels by State Government greed.

A new survey reveals parking in Sydney costs as much as $35 an hour, or $142 a day.

We have the fifth-most expensive parking in the world.

And a 110 per cent increase in a state tax – the parking space levy – is to blame.

“Tax is a driver,” said Gerard McLennan, co-founder of website, which conducted the survey of space prices for The Daily Telegraph. “The parking levy had a big impact when the Government upped it by 110 per cent.”

The Parkey Report

The Parkey Report

Bringing car parking stats to life

Issue 1: May 2010

Average 1 hour rate weekdays: $21.65

Average 1 hour rate weekend: $18.80

Most expensive 1 hour rate: $46.00

Cheapest 1 hour rate: $6.00

Average 9 hour rate weekdays: $53.09

Most expensive 9 hour rate: $130.00

Cheapest 9 hour rate (early bird): $10.00

Average Early Bird rate weekdays: $25.22

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Data reflects the casual car parking rates across the 2000 Sydney City postcode.

This report current as at 11 May 2010

Car Parking Statistics

Here are the current parking stats for Sydney city…

Sydney 2000

Statistic 27-Jan-10
1 hour
Average 1 hour, Weekday $21.37
Average 1 hour, Weekend $19.48
Most expensive 1 hour, Weekday $65.00
Cheapest 1 hour, Weekday $6.00
9 hour day
Most expensive standard 9 hour, Weekday $138.00
Cheapest standard 9 hour, Weekday $16.00
Average 9 hour rate, Weekday $51.78
Early Bird
Most expensive Early Bird, Weekday $50.00
Cheapest Early Bird, Weekday $10.00
Average Early Bird, Weekday $24.15
Max Rate
Most expensive Max Rate, Weekday $170.00
Cheapest Max Rate,Weekday $16.00
Average Max Rate, Weekday $52.18

Government Parking Space Levy Hits Rates Out Of The Ballpark

Below are the latest car parking data that represents the impact of the latest 110% parking space levy rise…

Top max rates

131 Macquarie Street     69.00
No 1 Martin Place            69.00
Secure on Macquarie     69.00
Angel Place                         68.00
Australia Square               68.00
Governor Phillip Tower 68.00
MLC Centre                        68.00
Wilson at 1 O’Connell      67.00
Chifley Tower                    65.00
Secure on Elizabeth        65.00

Top hourly rates

20 Bond Street                                  44.00
Parkhouse                                          28.00
Amora Hotel                                      26.00
Secure on Macquarie                     26.00
Landmark                                            26.00
No 1 Martin Place                            25.00
Piccadilly                                              25.00
Governor Phillip Tower                 25.00