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Going to see Strictly Ballroom at The Star? Here is some cheap parking for you!

Baz Luhrmann’s hit theatre Strictly Ballroom has arrived at The Star. This inspiring play is rated as one of the best going around, with many shows selling out fast, promising a big crowd each night. This means that parking will be at a premium on the night, so it is best to get in early to avoid the queues and secure the best parking spot!

There is parking available on-site at The Star which provides convenient parking, as it is adjacent to the Casino, however cheap parking can also be found nearby at Harbourside. The cheapest rate will vary depending on the time of day that you plan to visit – we advise that you search on to find the best spot to park your car!

Best Car Parking for Bondi Winter Magic Ice Rink in June & July 2014

The Winter Magic Ice Rink is being held again at Bondi Pavilion in 2014. Whether you are going to ice skate at Australia’s only beachside ice rink during the day or evening, we have found the best spots to park your car.

Bondi Beach Car Park is the closest as it is right on the beach and next to the ice rink. This is the most convenient parking for the Winter Magic Ice Rink but not always the cheapest as there is some free parking in Bondi, but not next to the beach so there might be a bit of a walk involved. To find out more information on the best parking for the day and time you are gong to Bondi, search on

Cheap Parking at Rockpool Bar & Grill steakhouse in Sydney CBD

Rockpool Bar & Grill, located on Hunter Street in the heart of the Sydney CBD, is one of the most popular restaurants in town. To create the most enjoyable experience while dining there, we have come up with some locations where parking is cheap and close to the restaurant itself.

There is parking available close by at Australia Square, as well as other parking alternatives nearby such as Quay West and Wentworth Hotel. for a full comparison of the cheapest rates and closest car parks at the time you are looking for, visit

Cheap Parking near The Star Casino, Pyrmont- Best for watching 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches

The Sports Bar inside the Star Casino, Sydney is going to be Sydney’s hub for watching Fifa World Cup football matches live during June and July. We know that these late nights may be a hassle to find parking close in proximity to the venue, so we have compiled a list of car parks around Pyrmont to save you money and time when visiting The Star Casino to watching the football.

There is parking available on-site at The Star which provides the closest parking to the Casino, however cheap parking can also be found nearby at Harbourside. The cheapest rate will vary depending on the time of day that you plan to visit – we advise that you search on to find the best spot to park your car!

The Light in Winter 2014 Melbourne Best Parking

The Light in Winter Festival in Federation Square, Melbourne is on again in June 2014. If you are going to the festival, we have all the information regarding the best and cheapest car parking so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off for parking and can just enjoy the festival.

The closest parking can be found at the Car Park on Flinders Street. This car park also has an Evening Rate which makes it one of the cheapest in the area at night. Rates may differ depending on the day, time and duration, hence we advise that you search on to find the best parking spot

Best Cheap Parking for Vivid Sydney 2014

If you are heading into see the Vivid light festival in Sydney, Darling Harbour this year, we have all the car parking information to make sure you have cheap and close parking to Vivid.

The closest parking can be found at Harbourside Car Park. Cheap Parking can be found at the Allianz Centre which has a special evening rate. Depending on the day and time the cheapest rate will vary – we advise that you search on to find the best spot


Motor Vehicle Logbook Solution – LogbookMe

A new motor vehicle and car logbook solution has just been launched for Australia. LogbookMe is a cloud-based logbook solution, which uses some really clever features to solve some of the painful processes of keeping a tax logbook for your car.

The main feature is that it uses a device, which plugs into your car and extracts trip information in real-time while you drive. Then you can log trips using their smartphone apps for extra convenience.

It’s all ATO compliant and has a web portal where you can access and manage your account, as well as download a nice logbook PDF report at the end of your reporting period.

Another cool feature is the calendar integration, this is a great time saver and allows you to integrate your calendar to automatically match meetings to trips.

More information is available at


The cost of parking

Australian cities are amongst the most expensive in the world for parking. Aussies are expected to pay a premium at airports and beaches. Check out this infographic created by Allianz Car Insurance showing exactly how much it costs.

Find out how much you can expect to pay to park your car in Australia's CBD, airports, and Sydney's popular beaches.
Infographic by: Allianz Australia Car Insurance.