Need the cheapest car parking rate for FBT Valuation?

We have setup FBTme to provide a cost effective way for companies to identify the cheapest FBT car parking rate for valuing their car parking fringe benefits. Your liability can be dramatically decreased by using the right rate – we saved one client over $3,700 per spaces last year – we make it easy by providing a fully calculated and tax agent reviewed report outlining the lowest rate.
  • Rate report outlines the cheapest parking rate relevant for your premises
  • Market rate valuation reports – we have a full database of car park rates that is regularly monitored
  • In association with FBT Solutions we can assist with everything FBT related from preparation and lodgement of FBT returns, valuations to advisory where needed
  • Not sure of the rate you used last year? We can provide you a rate for comparison – you might be entitled to a refunds of previous years
It’s easy just contact us and we will provide you with a quote on getting the car parking rate report.