Parking for Eat Love Pizza

Going to dine at Eat Love Pizza. It’s located at 31 Wheat Road, Sydney CBD, NSW, 2000 – both convenient and accessible.

It offers Italian cuisine and is open most nights.

So once the restaurant is chosen it is usually a case of working out where to park? And more importantly where there is a cheap place to park so we can actually afford to eat food at the restaurant?

You wouldn’t be wrong if you were worried about the cost of parking. There are a number of car parks nearby and also some street parking available. Given the nature of having a good night out – we would recommend you avoid the street parking option because overstay can often cost more than the dinner!

There are a number of close car parks however they all charge significantly different prices so it is best to search on to choose the best one.

*Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Night
*Wilson Parking Darling Park
*Wilson Parking Comm Bank Place Darling Quarter
*Secure Parking Harris Street

Also worth comparing discounts, deals or just a one off cheap option, just visit and it will show you a custom pricing comparison specific to your stay (letting you compare between all of the surrounding car parks) and also distance from the restaurant.

In our experience, the cheap car park from last time usually isn’t anymore, and even worse, if you aren’t diligent you can often find yourself walking past a closer and cheaper car park on your way to the restaurant. Search, plan and save… and of course enjoy your night out!

Also try the Cheap Parking app – it will show you the cheapest deals and even guide you there!