Pay up to $40 a day for car bay in the city

PERTH motorists are forking out as much as $200 for inner-city parking for the working week.

Data from parking comparison website shows Wilson Parking’s Barrack Arch and Central Park car parks, both on St Georges Tce, rank as the CBD’s most expensive at $40 for a nine-hour weekday stay. That is $200 for five days, almost double the average CBD rate at just over $20 for nine hours.

WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesman David Harrison said the high prices, driven by the State Government’s parking levy increase in 2009, added to the cost of working and running an inner-city business. “That (tax) becomes a deterrent for businesses and customers to go into the CBD because it is going to cost them more,” he said.

The data also reveals a big gap between car parks, with nine-hour bays going for as little as $8.30. co-founder Gerard McLennan said car parks operating in close proximity often had big variations in price. He said Perth prices had been significantly affected by the parking levy increase. “We have noticed that after movements of the parking levy that the rise is typically 100 per cent passed on to the motorist,” he said.

City of Perth chief executive Frank Edwards said the city’s rapid growth meant parking was in high demand, but competition was strong. He said the 2009 parking levy increase added $1.60 to $3 a bay a day.

A Wilson Parking spokesman said factors including levies, land and building values, and operational running costs determined rates for each car park. Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the parking levy was spent on public transport and it had “a significant positive impact” on improving the CAT bus service and the free transit zone.

Chris Robinson
Appeared on 3 April 2011 – Sunday Times (Perth)