University of Sydney USYD – The Great Hall

The University of Sydney, Camperdown is one of Australia’s renowned universities. Whether you are there to study, visit, attend events, or  the Festival of Sydney we have all the car parking information for you!

Parking is available on campus however spaces are limited during the week. There are small open air car parks located around the buildings on campus however there are also two multi story car parks on the fringe of the campus. If you do not have a permit, you are required to purchase a ‘Pay and Display’ ticket from the machines located around the car parks. Tickets must be displayed in accordance with instructions printed on them, i.e. face up on the dashboard in a clearly visible position. There are parking inspectors who monitor the parking and non compliance fines cost you somewhere north of $80.

Daytime casual parking rates (6am – 3pm, Monday to Friday)

Camperdown & Darlington campuses
$24 flat rate (valid to 6am on the next morning)

Western Avenue carpark
$24 flat rate (valid to 6am on the next morning)
$4 hourly rate (to maximum $8 – 2hr time limited parking)

Shepherd Street carpark
$24 flat rate (valid to 6am on the next morning)
$4 hourly rate (to maximum $24)

Evening and weekend casual parking rates (3pm – 6am, Monday to Friday; 6pm Friday to 6am Monday)

Camperdown and Darlington campuses, Western Avenue Carpark and Shepherd Street carpark
$6 flat rate (valid to following 6am only)
$2 hourly rate (to maximum $6)

Casual parking at other campuses and residential colleges

All other campus and residential college car parks have signage indicating local parking restrictions. Parking in these areas generally is restricted to authorised vehicles only and requires the permission of the college or faculty responsible for the particular area. Where paid casual parking is permitted, such as some areas of Cumberland campus, the cost is indicated upon entry.

Regular visitors

Regular visitors to the University can obtain a visitor parking permit from the universities Traffic Office, allowing visits up to three hours (current cost $55 per annum). This permit is for use by bona fide visitors only and is not available to staff and students.